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Research & Development

The overarching goal is to establish technological platforms, patient bioinformatics data, and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) repositories to form a pipeline for developing effective therapeutics via a rapid bench-to-bedside model.

Research programme 1 

  • Developing novel biomarkers using an integrative approach

  • Team Leader: Prof. Nancy Ip (HKUST), Prof. John Hardy (UCL)


Research programme 2 

  • Investigating therapeutic targets and pathways in Alzheimer's disease using patient-based modelling approach

  • Team Leader: Prof. Yung Hou Wong (HKUST)


Research programme 3

  • Identifying systemic targets and strategies for Alzheimer's disease

  • Team Leader: Prof. Zhenguo Wu (HKUST), Prof. Thomas Rando (Stanford)

Integrative Multidisciplinary Research

The new research hub accommodates three intercorrelated research programs focused on the development of novel biomarkers, investigation of therapeutic targets, and identification of systemic factors for neurodegenerative disease treatment.

  • All three research programmes have been initiated simultaneously.

  • As the work progresses, major platforms will be integrated.

  • Vital for characterizing genetic variants and molecular pathways in Alzheimer's disease to identify biomarkers, therapeutic targets, and systemic neuroprotective factors for Alzheimer's disease.


Analyzing Scans