2 Jul 2022
An IL1RL1 genetic variant lowers soluble ST2 levels and the risk effects of APOE-ε4 in female patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Jiang Y., Zhou X., Wong H.Y., Ouyang L., Ip F.C.F., Chau M.N.V., Lau S.F., Wu W., Wong Y.K.D., Seo H., Fu W.Y., Lai C.H.N., Chen Y., Chen Y., Tong P.S.E., Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, Mok C.T.V., Kwok C.T.V., Mok C.Y.T., Shoai M., Lehallier B., Losada P.M., O’Brien E., Porter T., Laws S.M., Hardy J., Wyss-Coray T., Masters C.L., Fu A.K.Y. and Ip N.Y.